Recipe Index

Because I have posted so many recipes, I have listed them here for easy navigating. Enjoy! Most recipes are vegetarian, some are vegan and very few are pescetarian. GF means that the recipe is gluten free.

Burgers and Fritters:
Asian Style Burger (vegan)
Black Bean Burgers (vegan, GF, without the bun)
Carrot Feta Fritters (GF)
Colcannon Cakes
Courgette Fritters
Courgette Pesto Burgers
Edamame Burgers
Homemade Fish Burgers
Homemade Veggie Burgers
Kabak Mucver
Low Carb Tuna Burgers (GF)
Masala Burgers (vegan)
Pizza Burgers
Potato and zucchini Latkes
Quinoa and Black Bean Burgers
Teriyaki Burgers
Tex Mex Burgers (vegan)
Thai Carrot Burgers
Tomato Fritters
Vegan Bean Burgers (vegan)
Vegetable Fritters  (vegan)
Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

Granola with Cranberries (vegan option, GF)
Peanut Butter Granola (GF)
Winter Granola (vegan, GF))

"Chicken" Madras (vegan, GF)
Egg Curry (GF without naan)
Green Potato Curry (vegan, GF without naan)
Indian Spinach Curry (GF)
Jamie's Fish Tikka Curry (GF)
Kerala Curry (vegan, GF)
Pataks Potato Curry Korma (GF without naan)
Pumpkin Curry Masala (vegan)

Dutch Treats: (For GF versions, you can replace the flour with a GF flour blend)
Apple Speculaas Cake
Carrot Cake with Speculaas Spices
Chocolade Kruidnoten Cake
Chocolade Spritsen
Honey Ginger Cake
Gevulde Koeken
Pepernoten Trifle
Roze Koeken
Schuddebuikjes Cake
Schuddebuikjes Rotsjes
Speculaas Brownies
Speculaas Cheesecake
Stroopwafel Cinnamon Cake

Fish Dishes:
Cod and Grapes Ovendish
Cod out of the Oven with Red Pesto
Fish Cuisine
Fishy Ovendish with Cauliflower
Greek Fish in Beer Batter
Lemon Cod from the Oven
Pouting Fish and Sweet Potato Chips with Basil Mayonnaise
Tomato-Cheese Coated Fish
Salmon Teriyaki

Avocado Mashpot
Baked Endive Mashpot
Blote Billen in het Gras
Broccoli Mashpot with Pesto
Kale Mashpot with Shawarma
Lettuce Mash Pot 
Mashpot "Gezond"
Mashpot "Heerlijk Avondje"
Mediterranean Spinach Mashpot
Pumpkin and Kale Mashpot (vegan option)
Pumpkin and Potato Mashpot
Sweet Potato and Green Cabbage Mashpot
Vegan Kale Mashpot with Homemade "Bacon" (vegan)

Milkshakes, Smoothies and Ice Cream:
Apple-Cherry Smoothie (vegan)
Banana Milkshake
Cherry-Blueberry Smoothie
Chocolate Chunk Coconut Ice Cream (vegan)
Coconut Ice Cream
Mango Ice Cream
Speculaas Ice Cream
Yoghurt Peach Ice Cream

Muffins and Savoury Baking:
Apple Muffins 
Bell Pepper Cake
Broccoli Muffins
Cauliflower Pizza Bites
Courgette Basil Muffins
Courgette Muffins with Feta
Couscous Date Muffins
Cranberry Muffins
Date and Pistachio Muffins
Dutch Spiced Muffins (vegan option)
Hartige Banketstaaf (vegan option)
Italian Tomato Bread (vegan) (machine)
Japanese Sweet Potato Muffins
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins (vegan)
Low Carb Spinach and Ricotta Muffins
Pesto Muffins
Pietenzakjes with Pumpkin and Feta
Rutger's Pesto Bread Rolls (vegan option)
Savoury Baklava
Spinach Ricotta Muffins
Spring Onion and Cheese Muffins
Taco Muffins
Tomato Rosemary Scones (vegan)
Voodoo Lounge Cupcakes
Zucchini Bread

Noodle Dishes:
Noodle Curry (vegan)
Noodles with Nori Chips (vegan)
Quick Lo Mein (vegan)

American Pancakes
Apple Cinnamon Yoghurt Pancakes
Carrot Pancakes
Cheese and "Bacon" Pancakes
Courgette Corn Pancakes
Herbal Cheese Pancakes
Kale Pancakes
Leek Pancakes
Pancakes with Spinach and Pesto
Paprika Pancakes
Potato Feta Pancakes
Pumpkin Pancakes
Spinach Pancakes with Lime Butter
Sweet Potato Pancakes (vegan option)

Pasta Dishes:
Broc and Cheese
Carrot Lasagne
Cheesy-Herbal Pasta
Creamy Spring Pasta
Gnocchi Ovendish
Gnocchi with Courgette Sauce
Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce
Jamie's Mushroom Pasta
Kale Lasagna
Pasta Alfredo
Pasta Ovendish with Ricotta and Leek
Pasta Salad
Pasta Salad with Lemon Tuna
Pasta with Creamy Avocado-Herb Sauce (vegan)
Pasta with Pumpkin Sauce
Pasta with White Beans (vegan)
Penne Rigate with Cauliflower and Tomatoes
Pesto and Spinach Lasagna
Pumpkin Lasagna
Quick Macaroni with Mushrooms and Mascarpone
Ricotta and Pea Pasta
Spaghetti with Eggplant Sauce (vegan)
Spaghetti with "meatballs"
Spaghetti with Tomato-Peach Sauce (vegan option)
Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna
Spinach Pasta
Spinach Spaghetti (vegan)
Tagliatelle with Turnip Tops, Ricotta and Lemon
Tortellini with creamy mushroom sauce

Quiches and other Egg Dishes:
Boursin & Garlic Deviled Eggs
Broccoli Potato Pie
Crustless Yoghurt Spinach Quiche
Egg Salad
Foe Yong Hai
Greek Couscous Oven Frittata
Kale and Bell Pepper Quiche
Kale Frittata
Leek Quiche
Leek-Pesto Quiche
Leek and Ricotta Quiche
Omelet Rolls
Omelet with Turkish Cheese
Quiche Caprese
Soy Sauce Eggs
Spinach Quiches
Stuffed Omelet
Summery Frittata
Tomato Clafoutis
Turnip Top Quiche
Vegetarian Scotch Eggs
Zucchini Quiche

Risotto, Rice and Grain Dishes:
Avocado Risotto
Bulgur in Tomato Sauce (vegan)
Caprese Risotto
Carrot and coriander risotto with mozzarella
Casablancan Couscous
Fennel Risotto
Five Spice Rice
Greek Tomato Rice
Italian Stir Fried Rice (vegan option)
Peach and Basil Risotto
Pear Risotto with Mushrooms
Pesto Ricotta Risotto
Pumpkin Risotto
Pumpkin. Spinach and Tomato Risotto
Red Rice from Bulgur (vegan)
Risotto Balls
Risotto with Herbs
Roasted Red Bell Pepper Risotto
Squash Risotto (vegan)
Strawberry Risotto (vegan option)
Sweet Chili Rice 
Sweet Risotto with Butternut and Cranberry
Tomato and "Bacon" Risotto
Tomato, Basil and Spinach Risotto
Vegan Paella (vegan)
Vegetarian Risotto

Basic Tuna Salad
Cauliflower and Pea Salad
Couscous Salad
Couscous Salad with Salmon
Green Bean Salad
Japanese Cucumber Salad (vegan)
Japanese Potato Salad
Kenyan Bean Salad (vegan)
Kisir (vegan)
Lukewarm Couscous Salad with Sweet Potato and Lime (vegan)
Luxury Potato Salad
Mexican Bean Salad
Mixed Beans Salad 
Pesto Couscous
Potato-Macaroni Salad
Potato Salad with Chilli Yoghurt dressing
Rice Salad with Strawberries
Salmon-Potato Salad
Soba Noodle Salad (vegan)
Southwest Chop Salad (vegan)
Strawberry Avocado Couscous Salad (vegan)
Strawberry Avocado Pasta Salad
Strawberry Salmon Salad
Turkish Potato Salad

Sandwiches and Wraps:
Asian Tuna Tacos
Avocado and Egg Pitas
Avocado Mozzarella Ciabatta 
BBQ Sandwich (vegan option)
Cranberry Feta Wraps
Easy Lahmacun (vegan)
Easy Wraps
Green Toastie
Hummus Tuna Wraps
Lettuce Wraps (vegan)
Mediterranean Vegetable Pitas (vegan)
Nigella's Naan Pizza
Pizza Toastie (vegan)
Samosa Wraps (vegan)
Savoury Stuffed Pittas (vegan)
Tortilla Tart
Tuna Melts
Vegetable Wraps with Smoked Tofu

Slow Cooker:
3 Cheese Lasagna
Aloo Gobi (vegan)
Broccoli "Beef" (vegan)
Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos
Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Creamy Tortellini Soup
Curry Madras (vegan)
Eggplant Potato Curry (vegan)
Fish Balls in Tomato Sauce
Green Beans in Sateh Sauce (vegan)
Indian Dahl (vegan)
Kruidnoten Fudge
Red Cabbage Mashpot
Rendang with Tilapia
Saag Aloo (vegan)
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos (vegan)
Sweet Sauerkraut (vegan)
Vegan Spaghetti Sauce (vegan)
Veggie Tikki Masala (vegan)

Soups: (all soups can be prepared in a slow cooker as they are.)
African Peanut Soup (vegan)
Arabian Eggplant Soup (vegan)
Beet Soup with Apple
Cauliflower Soup (vegan)
Corn Soup (vegan)
Cream of Broccoli Soup
Creamy Mushroom Soup
Creamy Spinach Soup
Crisis Soup (vegan)
Curried Pea Soup (vegan option)
Garden Tomato Soup (vegan)
Indian Tomato Soup
Kohlrabi Soup
Lettuce Soup
Mexican Tomato Soup (vegan option)
Potato-Leek Soup
Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup (vegan option)
Soba Noodle Soup (vegan)
Squash Ginger Peanut Soup (vegan)
Sunchoke Soup
Sweet Potato Pumpkin Soup (vegan)
Tomato Soup with Tortellini
Turkish Lentil Soup (vegan option)
Vegetarian Noodle Soup
Zuppa Caprese

Spreads and Sauces:
Apple Sauce (vegan)
Avocado Hummus (vegan)
Avocado Spread (vegan)
Bean Pate (vegan option)
Cashew-bell pepper spread (vegan)
Cucumber Spread (vegan)
Cucumber-yoghurt dip
Heksenkaas with Sundried Tomato and Basil
Herb butter - 3 variations
Homemade Peanut Butter (vegan)
Homemade Sateh Sauce (vegan)
Homemade Tomato Sauce (vegan)
Hummus (vegan)
Lemon Curd
Masala Mayonnaise (vegan)
Mushroom Ragout
Quick Tomato Sauce (vegan)
Red Pesto (vegan option)
Strawberry-rhubarb jam with blueberries and vanilla (vegan)
Sweet Potato Hummus (vegan)
Tahini-yoghurt sauce
Walnut Pesto (vegan)

Sushi and Onigiri:
Avocado and Cream Cheese Onigiri
Avocado and Sweet Potato Sushi Bowl (vegan)
"Beef" Sushi Bowl
Cashew-bell pepper sushi (vegan)
Inari-Zushi (vegan)
Inside out Salmon Onigiri
Spring Onigiri
Sundried Tomato Sushi (vegan)
Sushi Stack (vegan option)
Sweet Potato Onigiri

Sweet Stuff:
Apple Flapjacks (vegan option)
Apple Plate Cookies (vegan)
Apple Sauce Cake
Bastogne Truffles
Black and White Crescent Cookies
Blackberry and White Chocolate Shortbread
Charlotte Cake with Apples and Cherries
Cherry Cupcakes
Cherry Mess
Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
Chocolate-Ricotta Cake
Cinnamon Rolls
Coconut-Custard Pie
Coconut Lime Cake
Condensed Milk Cake
Custard Cupcakes
Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies
Gingerbread Bundt Cake
Lemon Cake
Lemon Carrot Cake
Lemon Cheesecake
Lemon Rosemary Shortbread (vegan)
Lychee Cupcakes with Coconut Glaze (vegan)
M&M's Christmas Cookies
Maple Shortbread Cookies (vegan option)
Marshmallow Brownie Cupcakes
Melon Pan 
Mess Dessert
Millionaires Shortbread
Muffins with Cherries and White Chocolate
Nougat Cake
Nutella and Peanut Butter Truffles
Orange Blossom Cookies (vegan option)
Oreo Brownies
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies
Peanut Butter Truffles (vegan)
Pumpkin Cake
Raspberry Brownies
Sesame seed and poppyseed bundt cake
Snowball Truffles
Spring Blondies
Stuffed Almond Muffins
Sun Cookies
Turkish Spinach Cake
Vanilla Shortbread (vegan option)
White Chocolate Cheesecake
White Chocolate Oreo Truffles
Yoghurt Cake with Apple and Raspberry
Yoghurt Lemon Cake

Tapas and Similar:
Cucumber Boats with Avocado
Daigaku Imo (vegan)
Greek Snack Balls
Italian Meatless balls
Mozzarella Schnitzels
Polpette di Malanzane (Eggplant Balls)
Potato Croquettes
Red Lentil Falafel
Roasted Garlic Mushrooms (vegan)
Samosas (vegan)
Spanakopita Triangles
Sweet Potato Croquets
Tomato-Cheese Pretzels
Vegetarian Teriyaki Balls

Vegetables Dishes:
"Babi" Ketjap (vegan)
Cajun Tarly
Chili Corn (side dish)
Chili Sin Carne Tex Mex (vegan)
Eggplant and Mushroom Packages
Eggplant, Potato and Bell Pepper Stew (vegan option)
Fennel Beans (side dish) (vegan)
Fish Flavored Eggplant (vegan)
Green Bean Tagine with Tomatoes (vegan)
Green Beans with minced "meat" in Sateh Sauce (vegan)
Indian Green Beans with Curry Potatoes (vegan)
Italian Brussel Sprouts
Jamie's Cheesy Peas
Japanese Eggplant Stir-Fry (vegan)
Jerusalem Artichoke and Potato Casserole
Lentil and White Bean Stew (vegan)
Mexican Kapsalon
Mexican Spoon Bread
Mushroom Stroganoff
Nachos Oven Dish with Veggies
Oven Roasted Eggplant and Tomatoes (side dish) (vegan)
Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries (side dish) (vegan)
Potato and Green Bean Oven Dish
Pumpkin Ovendish with Cheddar
Red Cabbage with Pear and Feta
Roti Stuffing (vegan option)
Sajoer Beans (vegan)
Stuffed Mushrooms 
Stuffed Pumpkin 
Sweet Cabbage Stir Fry (vegan)
Three Bean Chili (vegan)
Unstuffed Vegetarian Peppers (vegan option)
Vegan Friendly Vegetable Stew (vegan)
Vegetarian Kapsalon
Wintery Ovendish