Friday, January 7, 2011

Recipe: Vegetarian Risotto

I used to be a bit scared of making risotto myself, since of all the tales that it could go wrong in a snap. But I always enjoyed it in restaurants. A short while ago I tried my hand at mushroom risotto and found out it is actually quite easy! I also find that risotto is a great dish to use in a bento. Since a lot of risotto is based on mushrooms, I tried a different approach using a recipe from the Boursin website which I will translate here since the recipe is in Dutch. So I do not own this recipe, I just translate it. However the footnotes are mine, to add tips. It is a main dish for 4 but since we are with 2, I use the leftover in a bento.

 Vegetarian Risotto with Boursin Cuisine & rocket salad

- 1 spring onion*
- 20gr butter
- 300gr risotto rice
- 1.5l vegetable stock
- 1 package Boursin Cuisine "Knoflook & fijne kruiden" (garlic&herbs)**
- 150gr rocket salad
- pepper

Chop the spring onion. Add butter in the pan an bake the onion. Stir the risotto rice through it and stir fry on low for several minutes. Add the stock little by little and keep stirring. In about 20 minutes the rice should have absorbed the stock. Take your time, be patient and keep stirring.
Add the Boursin when it is almost done and stir it through till it is warm. Add the rocket salad in the last moment.*** Add pepper to taste.

* the original recipe uses 1 onion, but I don't like the strong onion taste so I used spring onion instead
** I am not sure if Boursin is available everywhere, but I reckon that any herbal cream cheese will do. I used about half a package instead of a whole.
*** If you are going to keep it in the freezer, leave the rocket salad out and add it fresh when you use it in the bento

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