Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snack review: Hello Panda Chocolate

When we had a game night with friends, Fhant was so kind to bring these Hello Panda snacks for me. Of course they had to be tasted (in private) and blogged about ;)

Hello Panda
Picture by roboppy

Hello panda from Meiji are shortbread biscuits filled with chocolate. They are shaped like a bear and have cute panda pictures on them. They are very crunchy and sweet. I liked these cookies, however I thought that they don't have enough chocolate inside. I prefer Koala cookies over these myself since they seem to have more filling. Still these cookies were pretty tasty, so feel free to pick up a package (or 2 or 3) when you get the chance.

Since I love a lot about the Japanese culture, I decided to enter the Hello Japan challenge at In Spring it is the Dawn. The task in January is to try something Japanese that you haven't tried before. Go over there to have a look and enter! 


  1. Something about asian chocolate just puts me off. I love how they look but I really don't like the taste. I prefer mikado over pocky ^_^; But those just come in milk/pure.
    Luckily they're still the same company :p

  2. True! Mikado does taste better then pocky. Except coconut pocky! Nom nom!!

  3. Aaaaaarg I have just tried 3 times commenting...if this one doesn't work, nothing does I guess.

    What I was trying to say is that I'm not too fond of asian chocolate, but I am very attracted to it at the same time. Must be the cute package :)

    Is there anywhere I can buy Pocky here?

  4. Yes, there are a few stores in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Enschede & Rotterdam that have them.

    And yay!! Finally succeeded!!

  5. try another ones,
    these are best chocolates and chocolate foods that well-known in indonesia. also made by indonesian. try it.. ^^

  6. Fun! I always like trying new Japanese snacks. I actually don't think I've seen the panda ones, although the koala ones are in pretty much every supermarket. Thanks for joining in the Hello Japan! mini-challenge this month! :)

  7. So it depends on whether you prefer more filling or cookie? I'd go for Koala any day I guess ;) And Pocky, if they were more readily available, I'd be eating them all the time o__O

  8. They sound tasty. A friend with a Japanese wife keeps bringing us random Japanese snacks to try. I really like pocky and Mikado and also these slightly sweet asparagus biscuits that I forget the name of. Tim (my other half) is a big fan of Black Black.