Friday, January 14, 2011

#55 - Hopping bunnies bento

I am so on the end of my stash.... But no groceries till Saturday. Luckily eggs never let you down ;)

Yes, I am hopping on the bunny wagon to celebrate the year of the bunny :) In the bento some fried yellow rice with corn, peas & mushrooms with egg & cucumber bunnies on top. In the other tier there is egg-on-a-stick, mandarin, cucumber bunny, cucumber&feta & soy sauce in the bunny cup. Okay, I think I have to apologise to my BF later for this too cute bento ;)

For the Dutchies: I bought some new bunny shaped cutters on koek-it. It is a great place for all kind of cutters, which obviously are not only good for making cookies ;)

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