Sunday, April 24, 2011

Snack review: Thin Pretz - Sweet potato flavor

I just LOVE sweet potato so I was really intrigued when I found this flavor on J-list. I couldn't resist to buy a package to try them. 

I paid $2.50 for a 48gr package. The package contains a lot of thin sticks and it is very clever that they came in a resealable bag since I wouldn't be able to finish this off in one go. When I opened the bag, a strong caramel-coffee scent filled my nose. To the bag there was also a small package of salty powder attached. I am not sure what it was though. The sticks are crunchy and light but didn't taste like sweet potato at all. (and especially not like the good looking ones pictured on the bag) The sticks do have a sweet 'n savory combination going on but the sweeter taste is stronger and keeps lingering. While the taste wasn't bad the first few sticks I tasted, this changed after a stick of five and I just had enough.

It was funny though that Zeronic, who didn't know what flavor of pretz he was tasting said they tasted like a coffee coated biscuit in combination with cheese. Now I don't know if that sounds appealing to you, but if I knew that was the flavor I would be getting, I wouldn't have bought this at all. For me it isn't a repeater and I am sure I won't even finish the bag. Zeronic said he isn't really enthusiastic about them but he doesn't mind finishing the bag.

Pretz is a product of Glico and is seen as the savory counter part of Pocky. Since this product was seasonal, it is not available on J-list anymore but they do still have them at the Asian Food Grocer for $2.28

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  1. Thanks for this review. I love pretz - especially when I used to live in Japan. Funny story, I used to send my boyfriend (now husband) "Salad Pretz" from Japan to America. He did not know what they were so he would crumble them on his salad. haha Such good memories! I have to look for this sweet potato one!