Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#84 - Burger and fritters bento

Zeronic and I both didn't sleep much tonight so we weren't really capable of going to our course. However I still made a bento yesterday, which we will eat today at home apparently ;)

In the bento are courgette fritters, a quartered vegetarian hamburger braised with garlic-coriander sauce and cucumber in soy sauce with sesame seeds.

What is your favorite fritter recipe? I would love to try more different fritters in the bento :)


  1. Those fritters look nice. You've mentioned them before and I should find myself a chance to make them!

    Such a pity you didn't sleep well. Hope your energy levels are up tomorrow!

  2. Looking good! Now wasn't that a treat, having a bento for lunch at home when you were not feeling well? :)