Saturday, January 8, 2011

Product review: Wiener cutter mold - Crab, Fish, Penguin

The up side from having a boyfriend who eats meat, is that I still get to try these cute wiener cutters :) I know I am not the one who usually goes for a cute bento. But truth be told, I actually like cute! Especially if it can be done in an easy way. Since CasaBento had the wiener cutters on discount, I decided to order them to try.

On the package were pictures how you had to use them, but it speaks for itself really. My expectations were quite high since there was this cute image on the package. However it wasn't really meant to be. After I used the cutters on the wieners and tossed them in the pan, to let the ends curl and shape like with octodogs, it didn't really happen. In fact, with the crab and the penguin shape you don't really see much at all. The downside of the penguin mold was also that the meat sticks in the cut out for the beak and I had to get it out with a toothpick. And I actually had to make the cuts more visible with a small knife. The only shape I like, is the fish. That actually came out pretty cute. Maybe I did something wrong, that it didn't turn out as good as on the package. That could be since I can't actually read Japanese, so possibly I skipped something. Please enlighten me if you know, but for now I am a bit disappointed with the outcome. It is not worth the hassle for this mediocre result. (with exception of the cute fish)

The bento (49) contains: 2 pieces of vegetarian Mediterranean quiche (that was the last of it!), a potato dish with broccoli, courgette and mushrooms, wieners, mandarin & grapes.


  1. It's because the sausages we have are too limp. Knakworsten won't work, unless you get fresh ones. Try broiling for fhe
    octodogs. High heat, tad of water and some oil. As the water evaporates it will start baking in the oil.

  2. I know how to do octodogs, that works :) I boiled this ones too, but didn't add oil. Might give it another go with these and add oil like you said.

  3. yes, try to boiled it first before you tossed it. boiling gives more effect to the sausage. :) just try it.
    oh, try to have bratwurst instead common sausage. it's bigger , maybe it fits to the kits.. :)

  4. Okay so boil first, then bake. Check! I have no clue if I can find other types of sausages though.

  5. Did you use veggie sausages btw? For regular sausages I use 'struik' hotdogs. Expensive, but they work ok. Or fresh ones.
    And check this