Monday, January 10, 2011

#50 - Snowman Onigiri bento

Sometimes I forget why I don't do cute and make an attempt at it. Today I tried my hand at making snowman shaped onigiri. I have a snowman muffin tin, some rice and nori, sounded easy enough. Since I work slow, I spend like 2 hours in the kitchen making these. Not the best idea when you have chronic fatigue >.<
Anyway here is today's bento:

Bento contains lettuce (my BF bought pre cut lettuce since they were all out on crops, say what?!), grapes, mandarin, and tucked underneath under the lettuce are some wieners. And of course snowman onigiri. I only dressed the front one since I was so tired by then. I have 7 onigiri left though which I put in the freezer for later use. Maybe next time I won't forget the nose ;) These are just plain onigiri mixed with some furikake. I made them in the same way as my heart shaped onigiri but wrapped the hat with nori.

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