Saturday, January 30, 2010

Recipe: Five spice rice

Yesterday I tried out a new rice dish. It can be made really quick and it is so easy :) I will use it in the bento of next week for sure :)

You will need:
3 cups white rice
150gr shii-take mushrooms
300gr quorn mince
250gr frozen peas
half a bottle five spice sauce

Boil the rice in a rice steamer. In the meantime cut the shii-take mushrooms. Put some oil in the pan and bake the mushrooms. Then add the quorn and frozen peas. When the rice is ready, put it in the pan as well and mix it all up. Make sure the fire is on low at this point. Last add the sauce and mix it well and let it sit there for a few minutes until the dish is warm.

Have a nice weekend all and see you somewhere next week with more bento :)

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  1. Hey! Wat een leuk bentoblog heb je! Je ziet niet zoveel nederlandse blogs he? Ik ga je volgen in elk geval! Groetjes Meta