Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Cooking: Puur Plantaardig

I was very lucky to receive a review copy from the publisher of this new vegan cookbook. The book is in Dutch though, so I am going to do things a little different this time around. I am going to post semi bilingual so the Dutch people who don't read English that well also have access to the information. All black text is in English and green pieces in Dutch. Even though non Dutchies probably won't be able to enjoy this book, I am going to translate a recipe for you all, so don't run away just yet ;)

Normaal gesproken is dit blog in het Engels, maar omdat het kookboek dat ik vandaag ga recenseren in het Nederlands is, heb ik besloten semi tweetalig te posten. De zwarte stukken zijn Engels, de groene tekst is in het Nederlands. Ik hoop dat op deze wijze iedereen mee kan lezen.

Title/Titel: Puur Plantaardig (Purely Plant-based)
Author/Schrijver: Antoinette Hertsenberg & Jacinta Bokma
Subject/Onderwerp: Vegan Cooking / Veganistisch Koken
Publisher: Karakter Uitgevers B.V.
Release date: September, 2011
Length/Aantal pagina's: 136 Pages/Bladzijden

This cookbook focusses on a plant-based lifestyle. It features about 100 quick and tasty recipes to try at home, or to prepare for your meat-eating friends. They would be surprised that there is no meat, fish, egg, cheese or dairy used in these recipes. No-fish sushi? Vegetable burgers? Brownies? It is all possible.

"Op de haar kenmerkende wijze – laagdrempelig, herkenbaar en snel – geeft Antoinette Hertsenberg samen met Jacinta Bokma talloze recepten die passen in een vegetarisch, maar ook veganistisch eetpatroon. Puur plantaardig geeft veel verrukkelijke hoofdgerechten uit alle windstreken die je in een handomdraai op tafel zet. Wat te denken van No-fish sushi? Puur plantaardige hamburgers? Brownies? Het kan allemaal."

Personal opinion/Persoonlijke mening:
When I first got this book, I started to tag pages for which recipes I want to try. And it turned out that I want to try out a LOT! The book has a bit of everything, including side dishes, main dishes, party snacks and vegan baking. It has a lot of original recipes in there that are either totally new to me or give a twist to a classic. What I like most about this book is that the recipes are not very time consuming and are easy enough to prepare, this means that I will actually use the book. Another thing that I like is that the book includes a seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar. To me this book only have two small downsides. The biggest is that the cooking instructions sometimes are a bit confusing. The other thing is that a lot of the recipes focus on 5-6 persons. Even so, I think this will be a book that I will use a lot and I am really happy to have this book in my collection.

Toen dit boek binnenkwam, ben ik er meteen mee gaan zitten om briefjes tussen de bladzijden te stoppen met recepten die ik wil proberen. Dit waren er best veel. Het boek is erg gevarieerd. Van bijgerechten en hoofdgerechten tot party snacks en veganistisch bakken. De recepten zijn erg origineel en de meeste dingen zijn nieuw voor me, of geven een verassende draai aan een klassieker. Het fijnste aan dit boek vind ik dat de recepten snel en makkelijk te maken zijn, dat betekent dat ik het boek ook daadwerkelijk zal gebruiken. Verder vind ik de bijgevoegde groente en fruit kalender een handige aanvulling. Voor mij heeft dit boek maar twee minpuntjes. Het eerste is dat de beschrijvingen van de recepten some onverzichtelijk zijn voor me. Het tweede ding is dat veel recepten voor 5-6 personen zijn. Ondanks dit zal dit een kookboek zijn dat ik verwacht veelvuldig te gaan gebruiken en ik ben erg blij dat ik dit boek aan mijn collectie kan toevoegen.

Purchase links/Aankoop mogelijkheid:
Other reviews/Andere recensies: De plantaardige keuken
If you have reviewed this book and want your link here, please leave a comment with the link, and I will add it :)

And here is the promised recipe. Voor de Nederlanders: klik hier voor het recept op de site van Jacinta Bokma.

The vegetables ended up on the bottom but it is all in there!
 Noodles with Norichips (5-6 servings)
- 500gr noodles
- 200gr sugar peas (I used string beans, because I had those)
- 1 large broccoli, in florets
- 3 tbsp soy sauce
- 3 tbsp sunflower oil
- 4 sheets of nori
- 2-3 tbsp aromatic wok oil
- 1 tbsp brown sugar
- 1 lime
- 150gr shii-take, cut
- sesame oil

Cook the noodles. Steam the broccoli and the sugar peas for 3 minutes in some water. Rinse the vegetables with cold water and set aside.
For the sauce mix 100ml water with the soy sauce, sunflower oil and 2 sheets of nori. Blend this with a hand held mixer till it is a sauce.
For the nori chips heat a bit of sesame oil in a frying pan and place a sheet of nori in the pan on medium heat. Fry each side for about 1 minute and do this with both sheets. Now fold the nori a few times and cut this into small strips for garnish.
Heat the wok oil in a large wok and add the sugar. Grate the peel of the lime finely above the pan. Add the shii-takes and bake for about 2 minutes. Add the sauce and bring to a boil. Then add the noodles and vegetables and toss everything lightly in the pan.
As garnish you add the nori chips, some basil and cashew nuts.

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  1. Oooo Super!! Thank you for sharing Uniflame! :D

  2. This sounds perfect for you. I'm glad you shared it and the recipe, which sounds pretty yummy to me (but I like mushrooms and broccoli).

  3. I always enjoy hearing about new cook books, but this one might be a stretch for me as I don't know Dutch, thanks for stopping by earlier.

  4. The noodles and vegies look so good!

  5. Thanks for the recipe for noodles -I may just give that a try tonight!

  6. I'm just so happy that with all the meat cookbooks, there are these little gems for vegetarians/vegans.

  7. I haven't used much nori in my cooking, but this looks very tasty!

  8. Thanks for the review, I had been looking forward to it :) The recipe looks tasty enough alright! Still, I have my doubts. Maybe I own too many cookbooks as it is already, but I think I'll first check out my local library and see whether there are more recipes I want to try :s

  9. Great blog! I am determined to change how I cook beginning the new year! My husband and i need to eat healthier and its hard to learn to do it totally different. In America we eat lots of meat and potatoes and I want to cut way back on the meat and use more veggies and fruits. Your blog will help me find new exciting things to try! Thanks for stopping by the Faithful Friend!

  10. Looks like you found a winning cookbook. I love it when that happens. I laughed when you said you marked a lot of recipes to try. I've done that too. In the really great books, it seems I've marked every page.

  11. Looks delicious! Sounds like you are enjoying a great cookbook!