Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vitatas #1

This week I had my first organic vegetable bag from Vitatas. I was in doubt a long time before I decided to go this route. With a lot of these bags you had to subscribe and I didn't feel like that. With the Vitatas there is the difference that you can decide each week if you want a bag and on top of that, for a family of two, I get to choose between four different types of bags each week. There is a standard bag, a combi bag of veggies and fruits, a Holland bag with veggies only produced here and the extra bag which has more different veggies than the standard. This week I choose for the latter.

The bag contains: Broccolo (crossover between broccoli and cauliflower), bok choy, turnip tops, 2 courgettes, red bell pepper, green pepper, cooked beets and bean sprouts.

It took me about 1.5 hours to puzzle a menu together because I also have a beautiful set of vegan imitation fish that I wanted to incorporate (more about that in a later post). But this is what I will have this week:
Friday: Chimichurri with imitation fish flakes, red bell pepper and snow peas (frozen)
Saturday: Wraps with green pepper, imitation bacon, brown beans, mushrooms and sour cream
Sunday: Turnip top mash pot with feta cheese and eggs (recipe for lettuce mash pot)

Monday & Tuesday: Pad Thai noodles with the bok choy, bean sprouts and imitation shrimp (and some other additions)
Wednesday: Broccolo with baked potatoes and a meat replacement called Valess.
Thursday: Beet soup with apples. (recipe here)

Snack: Courgette-chocolate muffins - Recipe on Happy Herbivore

Leftover: 1 courgette (I saw a recipe of courgette chips with a cheesy crust which I would love to try)

I might edit this post later on with more pictures or share recipes during the week, if I find the time. Recipes new to me are the Pad Thai, Beet Soup and Courgette-chocolate Muffins. Vegetables new to me are the broccolo and I haven't eaten beets since I was a child. So I am curious how it is all going to turn out :)


  1. ewwwww beets!

    But the rest is good ;3

  2. I am going to repeat myself and say that I love your bag :) Yes, it does take some time to work out a menu (especially when you are lucky enough to have heaps of "mock fish" sent to you :P) but it's so worth it! I usually plan ahead and although I don't always follow my own menu plan, it does make my life a lot easier. When I haven't planned at all, dinner usually causes a lot of stress because a) I hate last-minute decisions on dinner, esp. after work and b) S. will most likely vote for oven fries and vegetarian burgers o__O

    Would love to know how the beetroot/apple soup works out! My fave soup recipe is this one:

    I usually either eat beetroot raw or roasted in a salad. S. votes for beetroot burgers:

  3. nice assortment. that broccolo looks wonderful. will have to check whether I can get that here.

  4. Love the idea of the bag and the plan ahead meal with the content. Neat!