Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bento #36 - Spring onigiri bento

I made some spring themed onigiri a few days ago. I love to experiment with onigiri filling. The result was a nice spring green filling :)

Spring onigiri:
- 3 cups sushi rice
- about 400 gram peas
- some cooking cream
- some butter
- some mint

Cook the rice in the rice cooker. Meanwhile cook the still frozen peas for 3 minutes and drain them. Then mash them up and add the butter, mint and cream. You will get an nice and creamy substance which you can use to fill your onigiri. I loved the taste, the mint makes it really fresh. Next time I might add some lemon juice for the extra bite. It kinda missed something, but I am trying it again to perfect it.

I heard that there arent that much vegetarian onigiri fillings out there. That is why I am experimenting myself, but I would love to hear your ideas in a comment :)

Here they are in a bento together with lettuce, laughing cow cheese, falafel, apple and edamame. I have finally learned how to shape onigiri by hand but I have no clue how people keep the filling all neat in the middle ;)


  1. How about a bit of cream cheese instead of butter? And/or chives (bieslook)?

  2. Yeah I might try that :) I love cream cheese & avocado combi as well.

  3. I love all the green! It looks like a meadow after a nice spring rain. :)

    The sweet pea onigir sounds tasty.

  4. You can put anything in your onigiri! A favorite of mine is lentils, or kidney beans. Also don't forget that rice is so bland it really absorbs everythings flavor so some fruit and cream cheese inside would be just as good as something salty!

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