Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bento 35 - Spinach pasta bento

Another one of my simple pasta bento :) That is because I just love to make pasta dishes :)

This bento contains a pasta dish which can be eaten cold or warm, lettuce, chick pea balls (falafel), some orange paprika and a laughing cow cheese.

This pasta salad is again very easy to make. You need:
- 450gr spinach
- 250gr herbal cheese
- 250 gr cherry tomatoes
- 1 bag of pasta tricolore

Just cook the pasta and the spinach. If you prefer fresh spinach make sure to stir fry it. Cut the cherry tomatoes. Rinse the pasta and place it in a wok, then add the spinach and the cream cheese. Stir the cheese through the dish until melted. Then add the tomatoes and warm it through.

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