Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bento #002

Today's bento isn't that spectacular since it contains nothing too special.

It contains the Inari-zushi from yesterday's post. Together with some leftover pasta with tomatoes and zucchini. There are also heart shaped cucumber slices, a laughing cow cheese and some rolled up omelet with herbal cheese inside.

The omelet I actually made for myself with some salmon but I left a piece of it without salmon to put in the bento because the boyfriend doesn't like fish. It is very easy to make: Just put about 3 eggs in a bowl, stir them slightly and add some soy sauce. I also added 1ts of sugar since we both like sweetened eggs. But some oil in the pan and the heat on low. Put in the egg and just let it sit there until the whole egg is cooked and not wet on top. If you keep the fire low the bottom of the egg will only be light golden.

Let the omelet cool and then add a nice layer of herbal cheese and if you like you can put a slice of smoked salmon on top, but it will also taste great without. Then cut the egg into thin slices and roll them up. I find it easier in this case to slice beforehand instead of afterward because the chances are high the omelet will break at points you don't want it to.

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