Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Recipe: Pataks Curry Korma with potatoes

If you buy a jar of Pataks Curry Korma it says you can serve it with chicken. But since I don't eat meat I made a potato curry instead with this sauce as base.

Just peel around 400gr potatoes and the same amount of sweet potatoes and cut them into little pieces before you cook them. When the potatoes are ready drain the water and put them together with the sauce in a pan. Add some (frozen) veggies of your choice and let it rest on low till everything is warm. Serve it with some flat bread and coconut :)


  1. great idea on using the potatoes instead of chicken! I have a jar of that in my pantry I need to use - may just do it this way. :)

    I just stumbled across your blog today. Good job. I love reading everyone's different posts, tricks & tips. I'm VERY new to bento, so still soaking in all the bento knowledge from those that have gone before me. :)

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