Thursday, January 27, 2011

#62 - Soba Noodle Bento

This week is full with trying new recipes in the kitchen :) I wanted to do something with the package of soba noodles I had laying around. I found a recipe for soba noodle soup which I slightly adjusted to my own taste and budget. More on that later in this post. First today's bento for the boyfriend.

A small bento today since the boyfriend only has to work for 5 hours. The main dish are leftover soba noodles from the soup I made for lunch today topped of with mushrooms, snow peas & spring onion (also from the soup). The reason I have to pack it like this, is because I don't have a thermos bento to put soup in. It is high on my wishlist though, so hopefully I have one soon! As side dishes there are yesterday's meatless balls and clementine wedges. Fake baran to separate the two since I ran out of lettuce.

 And now for the soup! I wanted to have a filling lunch today because the boyfriend has to be at work by 5PM, so we switched the meals around and I will be having something simple later on. I found a tasty looking recipe at Chef In You. Since it is a step by step recipe with appealing pictures, I won't be posting the recipe here. It is already in English so no translation needed either ;) The only changes I made are substituting the Shii-take for a cheaper type of mushroom and left out the carrot, because we aren't very fond of them. I can highly recommend trying the recipe because it is really filling and tastes really pure.

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