Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekend Cooking: Temari-zushi recipe

I ran into this idea at the site from Anna the Red, who post the most awesome bento and recipes. Since I had guests over for a planned Japanese snack weekend (more on that in later posts), I wanted to try to make this easy but fancy looking sushi called temari-zushi.

As you can see this looks beautiful but they were so easy to make :) You actually use plastic wrap to make this. Just lay your filling on the piece of wrap, then add some rice. Pack the corners of the wrap together and twirl the plastic into a ball :) Since Anna posted a nifty tutorial with good looking pictures on this recipe, I invite you to take a look over there for the recipe.

I didn't take pictures from all the sushi I made, but next to salmon I also had avocado, salmon and avocado (see back of the picture), kiwi and cream cheese (a very nice vegetarian sushi combination that I thought of myself) and scrambled tamago. The latter was in the tutorial as well, but for me it didn't work at all. So with those I made just normal filled onigiri.

Don't forget to visit the other blogs linked to the weekend cooking meme. They post a lot of inspiring food related things :)


  1. I love sushi, that looks good!

  2. Your sushi looks delicious!

  3. I'm totally impressed. They look beautiful. I'm going to have to check out the tutorial -- I've never tried to make sushi.

  4. They look gorgeous. I haven't ever tried to make sushi either.

  5. That is a great idea to use the plastic wrap to get a nice shape.
    I told my daughter about your blog an the special bento box dishes. Now she wants me to find some Hello Kitty ones for her. eeks.