Monday, April 9, 2012

Meatless Monday: Cajun Tarly by the boyfriend

Zeronic Cooks. Tarly with Cajun herbs.

Now usually I write blogposts about games but as you might have heard from Uniflame I like good food.
You can imagine how glad I am with her as a cook but she never even once mentioned tarly.
After a talk with my grandparents who cooked with tarly quite a lot I asked here why we never made this dish.
"I never thought about it," was the answer. So I decided to look for a vegetarian recepe for tarly and make it
myself. The result was very satisfying, and thus she asked me to make a post about it for her blog.

Cajun Tarly with quorn
- 250 grams of Tarly
- 350 gram quorn or chicken/beef/fish if you are not a vegetarian
- 1 or 2tbsp Cajun Herbs
- 2 tbsp Olive oil
- 1 courgette, cut into pieces
- 1 red bell pepper, cut into pieces
- 350 grams of corn
- 200 ml Tomato fritto
- 2 tbsp of cut parsley

Start cooking the tarly. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a frying pan and mix together the cajun herbs with the quorn. Bake the quorn till it starts turning brown.
Add the cut courgette and bell pepper and bake everything for about 5 minutes.
Once that is done you can add the Tomato Fritto and the corn. Let it boil for a while and add the cooked tarly. Stir it well and let it heat for a minute or 2. Put it on a plate and add the cut parsley aaaaannd you are done. If you think it needs a bit more spice you can always add some pepper and salt but in my opinion it isn't needed.

It is quite and easy recepe with ingredients that are easy to find, except perhaps for the tomato fritto.
In case you wonder what it is, tomato fritto is a form of tomato puree that was deepfried before it got pureed.
The result is a somewhat smoother and sweeter tomato puree under the name of tomato fritto.
I have heard you can also eat this dish cold in the summer as a salad but I have yet to try that.

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  1. Ehm, maybe my question looks very dull, but what is tarly? It looks like a grain?

    1. It is indeed a grain, but I only know it as tarly. I looked on the box now we bought it again and it says: pre cooked wheat. I hope that helps :) I never thought about it what it might not be available elsewhere.