Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recipe: Spinach Quiches

In yesterdays bento I included spinach quiches. It are quiches that I make fairly often, mostly a large one for dinner. But in the bento they work perfectly because they also taste good when they are cold. It is a cheap and easy recipe, but it does require some time in the oven.

Spinach Quiches (makes 6 small or 1 large)
- 450gr creamy spinach
- 4 eggs
- 6 slices of puff pastry
- Grated cheese
- 250gr cherry tomatoes (for small ones less)

Heat the spinach. Whisk the eggs and stir through the spinach. Slice the tomatoes in half. Use the puff pastry to form a tart base. Make sure when making a big one that they overlap and that the tin isn't visible anymore. If you make small ones, just use one or how much you need to make a nice cup for the filling. Stir some of the cheese though the spinach and some cherry tomatoes. Make sure you are gentle with the latter. Then add the filling in the tin/muffin tin. Sprinkle more cheese on top. Place the tin in a pre heated oven on 200 degrees (180 in a convection oven) for 50 minutes. If you make small ones, look in the oven after about 30 minutes to see how far along they are.


  1. did you make the puff-pastry? can we find those in a bread-store or regular supermarket?
    cynni.. those spinach look delicious !!

  2. I use both, home made and store bought. I always buy them in the supermarket, in the frozen section. But I will see if I can post a recipe how to make it yourself :)