Monday, February 14, 2011

OS01 - Picnic bento

Yesterday I told you that I will be posting my old bento. I decided that I will give them a separate counting so you as readers can see in an instant if the bento I post is old or new. The new ones will have a # before the number, while the old ones are numbered with OS which stands for Old School, an idea my BF thought of. I know that my first bento isn't THAT old, but I like the sound of it.

I made my first bento for a picnic with 3 persons on a nice spring day in April 2008. I can't believe that I am making bento for almost 3 years now. This bento was packed in 3 regular lock & lock boxes, since I didn't own any official bento boxes back then.

I made flower shaped mini quiches with spinach, cheese and tomato, coleslaw, and cherry tomato, cucumber & cheese sticks. I didn't learn yet to add some form of cloth, to make a prettier picture. On the other side, I did take pictures with a real camera back then instead of an iPhone ;)

What did you put in your first bento ever? Do you still remember?

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