Sunday, February 13, 2011

The future of this blog

Since my BF lost his job two days ago, I had to think about the near future of this blog. Naturally he won't need a bento anymore for a while and I only need one every two weeks. Since I have no clue how long this situation will last, I had to think what I wanted to do. I do not feel like putting a hold on this blog like last year, so I won't.

I started my bento count over when I started this blog, but I actually have made more bento in the past. So I will be posting those on the blog, including older recipes. I don't know yet if I will be including those in this count or give them their own numbers, so suggestions on this are welcome. I will also keep making bento at home. This might be uncommon, but there are new recipes I want to try so I will. There are still books I want to review so I will try stuff from those books as well. Of course I won't make a bento 5 or 6 days in a week now, but I won't stop.

Other plans for this blog include:
- Post all my bento supplies little by little
- Make a shopping guide
- A link page (so if you have a bento blog, please leave a comment, and I will add it to the page)
- Snack reviews (I still have 3 coming up, when I am not sick anymore so I can actually taste something)
- Posting recipes that you can add to a bento (but might not always presented in a bento)
- Guest posts (If you would like to make a guest post, please throw me a line)
- Request topics (What do YOU want me to post about? Let me know, and I might just post about it)

So you see, even though our future is a bit unsure at the moment, the future of this blog won't be. Simply because I don't want to give it all up again. Hopefully you as readers will help me with suggesting nice topics, or contribute a guest post. I have time now, why not make the best out of it to work on topics I wanted to include anyway :)


  1. I think starting the count is the best idea. Especially because you can keep track of what's your 100th or something! It takes 10 minutes to really-recount them (renaming) but that's about it. I thought it was worth it!
    I'm glad you found a way to keep your blog alive, you seem to get so much joy from it =) Good luck with the job situation! -hugg-

  2. I have passed the 100th mark a long time ago already :) I used to make bento x2 and then there were all the bento I made for BF in 2010 but didn't take pictures of to post. I might even have passed the 200th mark already :)

  3. So sorry to hear about your BF losing his job. Hope he finds one sooner than later! We just went through that with my husband. He ended up going to a temp agency because we weren't having any luck where we are.
    What about "numbering" your old bentos with the alphabet? Once you go through the letters, you can go back and do A1, B1, and so on. Just a thought...