Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#77 - It's a Green, Green Bento

I already made my bento for tomorrow because it is a school day again :) I choose to make soba noodle salad this time. I got some awesome recipe tips but because of the current financial status I kept things simple.

In the bento is soba noodle salad with dressing in the cup. In the other tier there is some egg, cherry tomatoes (with my new food picks), edamame beans and laughing cow cheese.

This soba noodle salad is very simple to make. I cooked 1 portion of soba noodles, rinsed them and added to sesame oil to prevent sticking. I boiled some broccoli from my freezer stash, defrosted some peas rinsed and added those as well. I topped it off with black sesame seeds. The dressing is made from some soy sauce, lime juice and sugar (because I like sweet). I tasted it in combination with the noodles to determine if it was good together :) The result is a very tasty and low budget salad :)


  1. Your bento looks very healthy indeed! Yum, soba noodles, should make them again. Are those regular peas, or edamame?

  2. In the salad I used regular peas. The edamame I have in the bottom tier. But I also saw recipes with carrot, spring onions etc. So I think you can use both :)

  3. Looks great! I'm sure you'll be looking forward to lunch tomorrow. What do other people around you eat? Just cheese sandwiches? OR are more people creative with their lunch?

  4. There is an opportunity to reserve a lunch buffet there. I never do this because it costs 10 euro. Others have mostly sandwiches, yes. They are always very curious what I have in my bento :)