Friday, March 4, 2011

Snack review: Hello Panda Strawberry

Picture by Ged Carroll
My regular readers might know that I already reviewed the Hello Panda Chocolate biscuits a while back. I was happy to have the chance to buy the strawberry type of this snack on Tsunacon in January. I paid 2 euro for a 57gr box. When reviewing strawberry flavored snacks in the past I noticed that it is hard to approach a decent strawberry taste so I am curious if Meiji does succeed at this with their Hello Panda Biscuits.

The smell of these biscuits is stronger than I have experienced in other strawberry flavored snacks, which isn't very appealing. The biscuit is crunchy and sweet, which I like a lot. As with the chocolate ones, there isn't too much filling but in this case this is a good thing. The taste is rather strong so it is balanced nicely. And to my surprise I could actually spot a strawberry taste. This are all good points about these cookies. However I would not buy these again for myself. I simply am more into other flavors but strawberry is next to chocolate the most popular so the easiest to get. The BF, Zeronic, however did like these a lot and would buy them again. So I can honestly say that if you like strawberry, this is a snack that is worth your money.

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