Friday, March 11, 2011

Instant Noodle Review: Indomie Beef Noodles

It is time for another noodle review :) Zeronic has tasted another type of beef noodles. Lets see what he thought about them:

This time I am reviewing a noodle brand by the name of Indomie. This name is a bit more popular as you can get this brand in several supermarkets in the Netherlands. I bought this one at a local toko though. Indomie Instant noodles is manufactured and marketed by Dufil Group in the West African market, which is a bit strange if you look at the name. If you want more information go to:

The package looks about the same as the last noodle review, except it has a different print of course. This package contains 68 grams of noodles. I had to pay a bit more then the last package of noodles, 0,45 Euro. I bought 3 packages each with a different flavor. And again I decided to go for beef.
This package had a bit more additions then the last one. Next to herbs and beef flavor it also had some sesame oil and soy sauce. Pepper was also included, but since I am not a great fan of pepper I didn’t use it. In my last review I talked about the surprise of tasting real beef but no additional spices… This was the exact opposite. The soy and herbs really come out in this brand of instant noodles… but the beef flavor is hard to find.

The noodles are also not that great. Even though I let them boil in hot water for about 3 minutes, they tasted like they weren’t cooked enough. Also, only the sesame oil seemed to be absorbed by it, giving it a rather weird taste.
And for the soup, well, it is the only thing that really has the spicy flavor but instant noodles should taste great as a whole so I probably wouldn’t buy this peculiar type of noodles again. Hopefully the next type of noodles from this company taste better.


  1. cynni, mi goreng is fried noodles. so, after you boiled it (3 minutes is only for estimated-time, you could boil it more than 3 minutes or til al-dente) you drain the water first, then you add the season. try to do this first, and taste the difference. Usually, indonesian instant fried noodles weren't taste too much if you put water in it and make it as an instant noodle soup.
    Indomie is a brand of instant noodles by Indofood Sukses Makmur, the world's largest instant noodle manufacturer, located in Indonesia. It is distributed in Australia, Asia, Africa, the United States and European and Middle Eastern countries. Indofood is one of Indonesia's largest pre-packaged food companies, and was founded in 1982 by Sudono Salim.
    get shot another flavors, you'll love them some :)


  3. Thank you so much for the info! I will pass this on to my BF Nick, who reviews the noodles :)