Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Instant Noodle Review: Spicy Beef Noodles

I am not a great fan of instant noodles myself but the BF doesn't mind those at all. I thought it would be fun to compare brands of instant noodles so that people who like to eat them will know which are good and which to leave in the store. But since I am not really into them, it wouldn't be fair if I would review those. Besides as a vegetarian I can't sample most flavors anyway. So my BF will make a regular appearance as a guest blogger with these reviews :) I guess it will be time that I call him by name now, or at least by nickname ;) So enough rambling from me, lets see what Zeronic has to say about those noodles.

The noodle brand is Tu Quy mi bo cay. As usual it is probably a name you haven’t heard before, since there seem to be 1000 brands of noodles out there. Anyways, these noodles are made by a company called Vifon. They make all sorts of instant noodles / cupnoodles and are located in Vietnam. For more info go to: www.vifon.com.vn. They have a nice website that displays in Vietnamese or English.

The package itself is a normal noodle package, wrapped in foil and it contains 62 grams of tasty noodles. I found the package in a local toko in a city called Enschede in the Netherlands and paid 0.30 eurocent for it. I bought it just because I was feeling like eating beef noodles for a snack. This wasn’t meant for reviewing, until Uniflame asked, so I did.

While opening the package it wasn’t something out of the ordinary. I put the noodles in the cup and poured boiling water over it. Then I put the soup and beef flavor in and waited for 3 minutes. Again, it smelled like normal cup noodles. Not even spicy, although the cover says it is Spicy beef noodle soup. I smelled a bit of oriental herbs, but nothing much. The taste however, was a total surprise for me. The strange thing is, most cup noodles I tasted… didn’t have beef flavor. Well it tasted like some chemical kind of meat… which you get used to. But this actually tastes like beef! The spiciness however, wasn’t there. Again, it smelled and tasted like oriental herbs. But the boiling water hurts your mouth more than the so called spiciness. The noodles itself are a bit sweet, and taste a bit like sweet potato. And the soup itself… well a combination of broth and the tastes I described above.
If I would find this kind of noodles again, I would buy them, since they taste a lot better than the normal noodles you find in the local supermarket. I hope I will find the product once more.

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  1. Nice! I wanted to do something like that with a friend ones, until we found out most of them were foul XD So I prefer testing ramenshops =3
    I'm curious about your findings!