Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#80 - Soy Sauce Eggs bento

Tonight I tried a recipe that was posted on Leeswammes' blog for dinner, namely soy sauce eggs. I thought they would be perfect to take with me to school in a bento, and I am very glad I made them because the dish was great!

I served the eggs with rice and green beans as shown in the bento here. Look at the nice color of the eggs, I love it! Next to that I have cucumber, grapes and a laughing cow cheese wedge in the bento.

This picture I took while I was making the dish, the eggs are still fairly white here since I just added them to the sauce. The recipe is from Tes at home. I replaced the chicken stock for vegetable stock though and added more sugar because we like things sweet. I will surely make this dish again because it is so good! I used the sauce on the rice too and it tasted really pure. And another reason to make this more often is that it is so low budget since I have almost all the ingredients in my basic supplies.


  1. Glad you enjoyed this recipe, too! I am planning to make this again this week. It's so easy and nice.

    Hope it's still nice in your bento tomorrow, well, I'm quite sure it will be.

  2. Love soy sauce eggs! I always use sweet soy sauce, garlic and five spice to make this :)