Monday, March 21, 2011

#79 - Tandoori Vegetables bento

I love the fact that I have an excuse now to make at least 1 bento each week again! This bento Zeronic and I will share again, so it is more a small lunch that will keep us going until we are home. Better then buying expensive mediocre food from the hospital restaurant, I would say! I didn't have the time today to so anything really special bento wise since my to-do list was huge! But planting pansies on my balcony was extremely satisfying :)

In the bento there is tandoori rice & veggies. in the other tier there are cucumber slices, cheese cubes and grapes for some healthy snacking :) I love the cheese-cucumber combination :) It will be great eating this bento in the sun in front of the hospital. It seems that we will have nice weather tomorrow :)

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