Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bento #20 - noodle dinner bento

I was looking for a larger bento box for a while now since the boyfriend has evening shifts as well, I make bento for dinner on a regular base and the average bento was just to small for that purpose. The first one I ordered was too small and the 2nd one was bigger but still not ideal. But now we have this box:

The great thing is that the box can be used in the microwave as well, which makes it perfect for dinner bento. Today was the first tryout :)

It contains a whole lot of noodles, leftover from a noodlesoup I made yesterday. I drained it from fuilds and it was ready to go :) I will post the recipe for the vegetarian noodle soup below. Further it has some Foo Yong Hai, lettuce, a clementine and apple flowers. The boyfriend isn't home yet, but I reckon he will have enough to eat now ;)

This is the soup I made yesterday. It was my first time making noodlesoup and I had to adjust it from a recipe where they used chicken broth. This is how I made it:

Vegetarian noodlesoup:
- Half a package of thin noodles
- 250gr mixed mushrooms
- 2 spring oninons
- Half a bottle Conimex woksauce garlic with coriander
- 1 litre herb broth (I used a tablet with 1l water)
- 1 Bok Choy

Cut the mushrooms and the spring onions and stir fry them in a little bit of oil. Cut the Bok Choy and cook the noodles. Add the sauce to the pan with the mushrooms and also add the herb broth. Wait till the water boils and add the noodles and the Bok Choy. Stir well and let it rest for a few minutes.

The sauce is a really good taste maker. I loved it!

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  1. The soup sounds yummy! I really like the box - it looks perfect for a nice full meal. :)