Monday, March 8, 2010

Bento #21 - Mixed rice bento

Today is another dinner bento! I must say I really love this box! Only downside is that a saucecup is slightly to big for the lid to close properly.

Todays bento has Japanese Nasi as a main dish. It has rice with mushrooms, egg, corn and peas. In the other tier are mini pancakes that we Dutchies call "poffertjes". There is some syrup in the cup to go with it. Lastly there is a clementine and some cucumber hearts.


  1. The box really does hold a lot! I'm considering ordering one for my hubby so I can include his snack with his lunch in one box.

    The Nasi looks really tasty!


  2. Hmmm poffertjes ! Yumm. The Nasi looks delicious as well.