Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bento #22 - Poffertjes bento

This bento was the last one from last week, but forgot to post it due preparations for my trip to Brussels.

It contains little pancakes called "poffertjes" with some syrup in the cup, a pink heart shaped onigiri, 2 slices of clementine and a potato-cauliflower-broccoli dish on some lettuce. And some Hello panda (strawberry flavor) in the lid. I have to say that I am personally not very fond of these. The strawberry always taste so chemical, same with pocky.


  1. Pink heart onigiri is so smooth! I love eating poffertjes too. I like to sprinkle some sugar powders on the top ;)

  2. die hart vormige onigiri maak jij helemaal zelf toch? (Y)

  3. Ja die heb ik helemaal zelf gemaakt met behulp van een hartvorminge muffin vorm :) Ik heb daarvan ook een tutorial staan op de site :)