Monday, April 4, 2011

#81 - Onigiri (and Cheese) Bento

Today I made filled onigiri together with Zeronic. Since Zeronic and I have our course again tomorrow, a no fuss bento is the easiest thing to do :)

I am aware that this bento isn't totally balanced out and that it misses a lot on the veggies department. I am not going to eat all the onigiri myself though, since the bento is for the both of us. Besides it is basically a partial lunch to last till we get home. In the bento are filled onigiri (with cream cheese & avocado) with nori tulips, laughing cow cheese wedges, a lonely radish, cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes. I should have named this a triple cheese bento ;) I will do better on my next bento, I promise ;)

The recipe for the Avocado Cream Cheese onigiri: (makes 12)
- 3 cups of short grain rice
- 1 avocado
- Lemon juice
- 1tbsp light cream cheese
- some nori for decoration (optional)

Prepare the rice in a rice cooker. When cooked leave the rice to cool a bit in a bowl topped with a clean tea towel for about 15 minutes until you can handle the rice. Meanwhile peel the avocado and remove the seed. Mash the avocado and mix with some cream cheese and lemon juice.
I used an onigiri mold to make the onigiri. Make sure to hold the mold in warm water or else the rice will stick to the mold. I filled half of the mold with rice and added a small spoon of filling, then topped with more rice and pressed the mold together.I decorated the onigiri with some nori tulips made with a nori punch. It is as easy as that :) While it is fun to shape onigiri by hand, when working with a filling I find this more practical and less messy. Have fun :)


  1. I love the flowers! Beautiful. Enjoy your lunch.

  2. I love your blog! Making bento is really my favourite thing to do. And I love Japanese style of decorating bento... it's so kawaii :)
    My son is going to summer camp real soon and I hope to try this technique for packing his lunch :)I don't know that he would like avocado though, but me and my husband would definitely enjoy it :)
    Maybe ham and sweet chili paste... he would love :)

  3. Oh! This looks so yummy! I have to make onigiri now.