Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#86 - Bean Salad Bento

Yesterday I made a mixed bean salad for in the bento today and tomorrow :) I wanted to make one for a long time now but I kept forgetting until I saw a can of mixed beans in the organic store last weekend. I used two portions for the bento and stored the rest for my freezer stash without dressing :)

In the bento there is the bean salad with yellow rice, cucumber stars, an orange snack paprika filled with garlic cheese and grape tomatoes with basil and garlic cheese, dressing in the cup.

Mixed Bean Salad: (makes 4 portions)
- a can of mixed beans (400gr) mine had kidney beans, white beans, butter beans and chickpeas
- 100gr green beans (cut into small pieces)
- 50gr corn
- 150gr rice (I had yellow, so used that)

For the dressing: (note that I don't really know how much I exactly used)
- 3/4 parts of fat free mayonnaise
- 1/4 parts tomato ketchup
- taco spices
- coriander

Cook the rice and the green beans. Let them cool. Mix the rice with all the beans and corn. I made the dressing separate to take with me in a sauce cup. Just mix everything up till you have the desired spicyness. In this recipe it is all about tasting. It is a very simple and healthy main dish for a bento :)


  1. Gele rijst ziet er meteen al zo smakelijk uit! En vrolijk ook :)
    Heb jij nou zulke mega komkommers of lijken die sterren gewoon zo groot?

  2. Nee dit waren behoorlijke komkommers, haha.

  3. Looking good! Sometimes it's better to mix your rice and/or beans for salad with the dressing when it's still warm. Then it can soak up the flavours better. Not sure about this one though, because of the mayonnaise.