Saturday, May 21, 2011

Snack Review: Morinaga Choco Balls Winter Milk

This is the first time I tasted a flavour of Morinaga Choco balls. I often encountered them while shopping for snacks, but somehow never got to them because there were other snacks that spiked my interest more. I ran into this white chocolate winter edition on J-list and since Zeronic is totally into white chocolate, I decided to try them. I bought a 26gr package for $1.99.

These balls are coated with a sweet layer of white chocolate and have a crunchy inside. I am not sure what exactly is inside but the flavor isn't really strong and it is mostly for the bite. I found out that they were very addictive and it is easy to eat them all in one go. I would buy them again, except that they are out of season now because I am late with this review (gomen!). I expect that a similar limited edition will be back next winter, but I am happy to try other flavors of this snack in the mean time :)

Some interesting background information is that Morinaga is the company that influenced Valentines Day in Japan by advertising that women should give chocolate to men on this day and therefore making this Western custom more known in Japan. The mascot that is pictured on the package is called Kyoro-Chan.

It seems that there are some wacky TV commercials from this snack which I want to share, just for the fun of it :)

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