Friday, November 18, 2011

Vitatas #5

Be careful what you wish for because it might actually come true. Last week I didn't get the bag I ordered. But this week I got the Extra bag again and as a bonus even MORE extra veggies. I mean I have 9 different veggies now and it is more than we consume in a week!

The loot this week is 2 large pieces of celery, broccoli, courgette, butter lettuce, kohlrabi, cooked beets, kale, carrots and fennel. Making the menu was challenging and it took me over two hours. I got a lot of help from my twitter time line too, thanks all! I didn't manage to use all the veggies in this weeks menu, so some of them will be taken into next week and I will just get a smaller bag.

Weekly menu (week 46/47)
Friday: Chili sin carne with the leftover leek from last week.

Saturday: For lunch a creamy kohlrabi soup (recipe here) and for dinner a gratin from potatoes and fennel with a green salad.
Sunday: Chinese food at my moms place because it is her b-day.

Monday: Stuffed pumpkin (not on the picture but got one from a friend of mine last week, recipe here)
Tuesday: Noodles with Norichips (recipe here)
Wednesday: Mediterranean kale mashpot
Thursday: Biriyani from vegetables with carrots and courgette.
Snack: Chocolate and vanilla cookies

Options for next week:
Spiced up beets
Fennel crumble
Beans and fennel

As always pictures and recipes will be added during the week. It are almost all new recipes to me so I will probably make a selection which ones I will share. For the menus from previous weeks, please look here.


  1. What a wealth of veggies :)

    Butter lettuce is my absolute favorite lettuce and I have just started using more fennel in my cooking.

  2. What an awesome basket! I like to roast the beets with potatoes -- yummy combination.