Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vitatas #3

It is time for the weekly menu again :) I love that since we have the Vitatas, I am back to planning my menus. It takes a bit of time, but I don't have any hassle for the rest of the week. This weeks vegetable bag was interesting. We switched back to the Extra bag, but somehow got a combination of various bags this week.

In the bag we have some kind of lettuce (it was supposed to be iceberg, but this definitely isn't iceberg lettuce), sauerkraut, a pumpkin, red bell pepper, grean beans, apples and a courgette.

The menu for week 44/45 will be:
Friday: Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes out of the oven with a paprika-cheese meat replacement on the side. (recipe here)

Saturday: Homemade Bean Burgers with oven fries and a salad with apples and cucumber (recipe here)
Sunday: We will probably order in because we have friends over that day.
Monday: Pumpkin Pancakes (recipe here)
Tuesday: Sauerkraut mashpot and lettuce mashpot (recipe lettuce mashpot here)
Wednesday: Pasta with at least the courgette and the paprika in a quick tomato sauce. (recipe here)

Thursday: Homemade Roti with green beans, potatoes and eggs. (recipe here)

Lunch option: Fake fishburgers with salad
Snack: Homemade cookies (black and white crescents, recipe here) and banana-apple smoothies.

If you want to see menu's of previous weeks, you can go to the weekly menu page.


  1. Looks like a nice selection this week. The artichoke dish looks interesting! I love artichokes.

  2. Your menu sounds great Uniflame! I believe the lettuce you got this week is Red Batavia, a predecessor of iceberg.

    I haven't made roti for a while; now you've brought it up it will probably appear on my menu plan in the next couple of weeks! ;)