Sunday, April 17, 2011

Snack review: Yan Yan Biscuits Creamy Vanilla

I heard good things about Yan Yan biscuit sticks, and even though my last encounter with these sticks was a disappointment, I was willing to try another flavor of these snacks. I purchased 57gr package on Tofu Cute for 1.10 pounds.

Yan Yan biscuits is a product of Meiji. The package contains biscuit sticks with animal phrases printed on them. The phrases are in English and aimed at children. Next to this, there is a smaller container which holds the dipping. When I opened the package I didn't really smell much. The biscuit sticks feel a bit greasy and they left a film on my fingertips. The dipping is really creamy, as promised on the package, and tastes sweet and subtle vanilla. The biscuits are crispy and have a light toasted flavor. Together they make for a decent snack.

I am glad that I gave this snack another chance because these were much better than the strawberry variety. I would buy these again if I came across them. I can recommend this snack to people who like a sweet treat. They don't have to be afraid of a sugary overkill because it is all very subtle.

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