Friday, February 18, 2011

Snack Review: Hello Kitty Yan Yan Biscuits Strawberry

Yan Yan is a snack made by Meiji Seika. They are biscuit sticks that come in a cup with 2 compartments. The large compartment is for the biscuit sticks (about 12) and a smaller on includes some dip. Yan Yan comes in different flavors and while I was visiting Tsunacon in January, I came across the Strawberry variety in a Hello Kitty package. I paid 2 euro for the snack.

I opened the package and a very strong, chemical smell reached me, and that while I am still recovering from a cold, so my sense of smell isn’t even fully in function. It put me off completely, but for the sake of the review I dipped in.

I still regret it. It was a foul chemical taste that surely can’t be compared to strawberry, only with a fake sugary explosion and not in the good way. The sticks themselves are just plain biscuits and are really tasteless without a dipping. The BF thought they were okay, so I let him finish the box after only one bite. I couldn’t bare more of it, and while typing this, the aftertaste of this strawberry rip off is still lingering in the back of my mouth.

I have to say that this is the worst Japanese snack I have ever tasted so far. Even so, I am still willing to try the Chocolate and Vanilla version of Yan Yan, since I expect that these will be better.

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