Thursday, September 26, 2013

Foodblogswap: Apple Plate Cookies

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I was planning to post this sooner, but school started this week again, and after my first school day, I was sick, so yeah, I am sorry about the lack of posts ;) Anyway: I am part of a Dutch foodbloggers Facebook group, since recently. And there they organize a monthly foodblogswap. This means that you get a blog assigned from which you have to pick and make a recipe. Someone else has to make a recipe from your blog as well. Quite fun! This is my first time participating and because of Vegan Mofo, this was a bit more challenging. I am only allowed to blog about vegan stuff, so I had to veganize a recipe.

The blog I had to cook from is called Ageeth eet & kookt. The dishes look really tasty, but it is a blog that has also meat recipes. I have to admit that it has been ages since I looked on or cooked from a non vegetarian blog. So yeah, the foodblogswap sure is great for getting out of that comfort zone :)
I decided to look in the baking area, because I didn't want to adjust an original recipe too much. Normally that would have been easy but because I had to blog about something vegan, I had to look for a recipe that I could easily make vegan. Then I found this recipe for an apple plate cookie. I am having some trouble with translating this, because we call things that you just bake on the plate in one piece "plaatkoek". And while koek is is the same word as cookie, it aren't cookies... you are still with me? Me neither, I have no clue ;)

On to the recipe. I tried a new kind of apples for this recipe because they were on sale, but the apples turned out to be too soft for this recipe, so it looks kind of mushy while it should be more grated, so use a harder type of apple for this recipe ;) Still if you don't, that is okay: it still tastes great, only it looks a bit less appetizing. Here is my vegan version of the recipe, for the original, click on the link above. And please do, because hers look much better than mine ;) A big thanks to Ageeth, for sharing this wonderful recipe, that is easy and really tasty!

Apple Plate Cookies (serves many!)
- 250 gr self rising flour
- 250 gr dark brown castor sugar (I only had white, and not buying all different kinds of sugar, it works)
- 200 gr plant based margarine
- 125 gr oatmeal (plus extra for the top)
- 4 apples, peeled (not the mushy kind ;) )
- lemon juice
- sugar
- cinnamon
The original recipe als had 50 gr raisins, but we don't like raisins that much. Maybe dried cranberries next time :)

Weigh the sugar, flour and oatmeal in a bowl and mix together. melt the margarine in a pan and pour this over the dry mixture. Combine until you get crumbs. Place a baking sheet on the plate and press the crumbs together on the plate until you have a nice bottom.
Grate the apples, and add lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon to taste. Add raisins if you use them. Add this mixture on top of the crumbs. Top it with some more oatmeal and press lightly. Bake it for 35-50 minutes (our oven needed 50) in a pre-heated oven on 160c. Let it cool down on the plate before you cut it in little chunks.

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  1. Hoi, I think the 'plaatkoek' is called a 'traybake'or a 'sheet cake'.
    Checking this on internet made me scroll through yummy American blogs. I'm real hungry now!