Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snack Review: Meiji Meltykiss Creamy White Chocolate

It seems that all I have been writing for the blog lately are snack reviews ;) I mean to write other posts but I haven't been cooking up a lot of exciting stuff lately. I know this will change around again but for now I have this huge pile of snacks laying here, so I want to keep up the reviews at least.

Because my boyfriend Zeronic is really into white chocolate, I thought these would be nice to try. Personally I will almost eat any kind of chocolate and I like to have myself some white chocolate too every now and then.

These little cubes are presented as a more luxery kind of snack. The cubes are individually wrapped and have a cacoa dust layer. On the inside there is a creamy white chocolate that melts into your mouth. I really love the taste of the white chocolate but because it is a mild flvour, the cocoa dusting tends to overpower it. Still I really do like this snack overall. Because the cubes are wrapped this snack provides a good option for portion control. I didn't keep eating them and they are just a small tasty treat. The package contians about 14 cubes of chocolate. With 4,50 pounds, this treat is a bit on the pricy side. But that is quite normal if you come into the more luxery types of chocolate. They would make a nice gift for someone who likes the milk-white chocolate combo. You can buy them here at Tofu Cute.

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