Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Cooking: Muffins with Cherries and White Chocolate

Last week I got 1 KG (!!) cherries for free on the market. While I am not complaining, I had no idea what to do with so many cherries. Nick likes the flavor of cherries but not the texture so much and I was never going to finish that on my own. So I did make some cherry milkshakes first, which were good :) And I also made muffins. I wanted to make cherry jam as well, but sadly I didn't find the time and energy in my busy schedule to attempt that. Anyway, today I will share the recipe for the muffins which I got from 500 Breakfast & Brunch Dishes by Carol Beckerman.

Muffins with Cherries and White Chocolate (makes 18 - original recipe says 12)
- 250gr flour
- 1 tsp baking powder
- some salt
- 125gr sugar
- 2 large eggs
- 75gr melted butter
- 250ml buttermilk
- 1 tsp vanilla
- 100gr chopped white chocolate
- 25gr coconut flakes
- 225gr fresh cherries, pitted and sliced

Mix the flour with the sugar, baking powder, salt, white chocolate and cherries in a large bowl. Mix the eggs, butter, vanilla and buttermilk in another bowl. Make a hole in the flour mixture and add the wet ingredients. Stir them lightly together. Lumps are okay, just make sure that you only mix the ingredients briefly. Fill a muffin tin with the batter. I used a silicone one, so I don't need the extra muffin cups. I used 2 tbsp batter each. Bake the muffins in a pre-heated oven on 180-200 degrees, depending on your oven, for 20-25 minutes.

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  1. I like the '500' series, don't you? Your muffins are looking absolutely yummy! Now I absolutely loooove cherries so I guess I would've eaten the whole kg just like that :)

  2. I could have probably eaten all the cherries before I got to chance to bake. But those muffins? I must, must, must make them when cherries come into season here. OMG -- cherries, white chocolate, coconut? Yes. I want two or three muffins right now.

    And now I need to look into the 500 series -- what else am I missing?

  3. The muffins look great, especially cherries with white chocolate! And coconut! YUM!

  4. This sounds heavenly - I almost licked my computer screen! Writing this one down.

  5. @Gnoe & Beth: I love the 500 series too! Next to this one, I also own the cupcake, cookies, pizza's and chocolate one. What I love about this series that the recipes always turn out great!

  6. I liked your blog, so following you :)