Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#95 - Puppies bento

I don't do it often but sometimes I make an effort to make a cute bento :) The reason that I don't do this very often is because it took me over 1 hour to make this since I am just slow in the kitchen.

In the top tier is a vegetarian home made hamburger from kidney beans (recipe) which I had leftover from dinner. The puppies are white & pumpernickel bread sammies with cheese, cream cheese and paprika salami, but are also easy to make vegetarian of course :) I really wished I had those nori face cutters. I still need to buy them sometime. Then I would make things cute more often XD Snack cucumber and a laughing cow cheese as gap fillers :)


  1. These are adorable! I make many bentos too but character ones take so long!

  2. I love the puppies idea - so cute! My daughter would love that.
    (Following via "What's for lunch Wednesday" link-up!)


  3. So so cute! I found your blog via What's for Lunch at BentoLunch.net. I just made the decision to start serving Bento lunches to my daughter and I have lots to learn. I'll be visiting lots of blogs!

  4. The puppies are so cute! I am going to have to try this with Audrey.