Friday, November 11, 2011

Vitatas #4

This week I learned that it is pointless to plan menu options ahead of time because you never know which veggies you actually will receive ;) This week we ordered the Extra veggie bag, but they swapped it for the Holland bag instead so I got a whole different set of veggies than I planned for last night. Including a much feared green cabbage ;)

In the bag we have green cabbage, broccolo, 2 leeks, celery and turnip tops.

And the menu for this week (45/46) is:
Friday: Mac and Cheese with broccolo and basil. A homemade, more healthy version. (no recipe yet, while okay, it needs tweaking)

Saturday: Vegetable soup for lunch (with part of the celery, leek and other leftover veggies), take out for dinner.
Sunday: Turnip tops mashpot
Monday: Mushroom Stroganoff with the rest of the celery (recipe here)

Tuesday: Lo Mein with noodles (this includes the green cabbage, recipe here)

Wednesday and Thursday: Quiche with leek, cheese and rocket lettuce. (recipe here)
Bento Stash: Pizza Muffins (recipe here on Allrecipes) I used less cheese (1 1/2 cups), and replaced part of the onions with mushrooms, which I baked quickly before adding them. Next time I am going to up the herbs though. They are good, but I am still tweaking them to my taste.

I have a lot of veggies this week that I never cooked with or almost never, so a lot of new recipes again. Mashpot seems to be a returning item because it is easy and cheap winter food. I am a bit behind with posting all the recipes for the past weeks but I hope I will be able to fix that soon. I cook so much more new recipes these days because of the vegetable bags ;) If you want to see what I ate in the past weeks, check out the weekly menu page.

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  1. I love mushrooms, so I am eagerly awaiting your mushroom stroganoff recipe :)