Monday, November 21, 2011

Snack Review: Pucca Sweet Potato Cookies

Pucca is another type of cookies from Meiji who also make the more famous Hello Panda snacks. These are fish shaped cookies filled with chocolate or flavored chocolate, in this case sweet potato. I am always fascinated with this flavor because I love sweet potatoes, yet in snacks it never lives up to my expectations. This was also the case with these cookies. The filling was sweet and intense but I didn't really detect a resemblance to sweet potato. My boyfriend thought they taste like apple. I really liked the taste of the biscuits though which is a bit sweet but not too much and they smell like butter and raisins. I didn't really like them that much because of the taste of the filling but Zeronic liked them very much. It was not that I absolutely hated them but after only 3 biscuits I had quite enough. I got these on J-list for $2,50 for a 46 gram box.

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