Monday, November 28, 2011

Snack Review: Pocky Blueberry

Blueberry pocky is one of the more luxery pocky snacks that I bought on Tofu Cute, a webshop located in the UK. Pocky is a product from Glico and comes in many varieties. This type of pocky differs from the standard pocky because it has an extra thick outer coating on the biscuit sticks with tiny pieces of real blueberry. Because of this the price is also higher. I paid 1.30 pounds compared to the 0.75 pounds I pay for standard pocky.

If the above sounds familiar, you are right! I also wrote a review about Lychee Pocky a few weeks back and this Blueberry Pocky is from the exact same series. While they are similar in their description, I preferred this one over the lychee ones because it's flavor wasn't so overpowering. They are just as juicy, but unlike with the lychee pocky, you also are able to taste the sweetness of the biscuit stick through it, which I rather like. They do look less appealing though because of their coloring, but this is a case of: it taste better than it looks.

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