Monday, October 31, 2011

Snack Review: Meltykiss Whips

Because I reviewed and loved a meiji chocolate product before, I really wanted to try another one. These Meltykiss Whips looked like the perfect candidate to put through the test. I bought these for about $3.00 on J-list. Meltykiss are chocolate cubes and they sell them in different flavors as well as seasonal limited products.

The cubes are individually wrapped and there are 13 cubes in the box. This does make them perfect for a bento because you can use them as a gap filler and include a small treat. These little cubes have powdered cocoa on the outside making them somewhat bitter. The inside is somewhat bubbly and more sweet. While they didn't taste bad, I had better chocolate taste wise. I would have expected the interior to melt in you mouth more and to be more bubbly than it was. It still makes for a good semi-sweet treat and I think a lot of people will enjoy them. But they don't compare to the marshmallow chocolate I had before from this brand.


  1. Sounds like a good treat for a bento because it's not too sweet (so doesn't leave you too thirsty?).

    I think chocolate is quite personal - we all like different things.

    I don't like it that these are all individually wrapped (so much waste!) but I can see that it's handy for a bento.

  2. Yeah, I do see your point. It is not something I prefer either because of the waste. Mostly if I know such things beforehand, I don't really buy them. I don't put much candy in my bento anyway. Only as a last resort for a gap filler.

  3. It sounds a bit like.. Bros..?

    Also, Meltykiss Whip.. who makes up these names? ;-)

  4. Well yeah... it kinda is, but then with a truffel coating.