Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snack Review: Hello Panda Double Chocolate

Today I am reviewing another one of the Hello Panda snack line from Meiji, namely the double chocolate ones. Hello Panda snacks are bear shaped biscuits with a cute panda picture on them. They have a soft and creamy filling.
Hello Panda
Picture by Barb Watson

I was looking for the double chocolate flavored Hello Panda snacks for some time already because they are a less common flavor but it was one I was eager to try. I got my hands on a 50gr box through the webshop Tofu Cute for 1,20 pounds. When I opened the box it was chocolate all the way. It smelled nice and sweet. The biscuits were crispy and had a light chocolate flavor all though to me some tasted lightly burned as well. In all honesty I only tasted it when I was nitpicking the biscuits apart and not when I ate them as a whole. The filling was creamy and sweet, which I really liked. It also seemed that there was more filling in the biscuits compared to other Hello Panda types I tried. These are definitely my favorite Hello Panda Snacks so far.

If you are curious, here are the links to my reviews of the chocolate and strawberry flavors.

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