Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snack review: Sakuma Ichigo Milk Candy

When I attended Tsunacon in the past weekend, I told more of my friends that I am doing snack reviews on my blog now. One of my friends, Antwa-Chan, was so kind to gift me a sack of this candy drops she bought. She actually gave two snacks to me to review but that is for another post ;)

It was hard to find information on the manufacturer, Sakuma Seika, since my most trusted source, wikipedia, didn't have much information available, and the information that was there led to another website then the website that was on the back of the package I had. I am grateful that I was able to find some information on this candy on the Just Hungry site in English, because google translate didn't help much when I was browsing the manufacturers site.What didn't make it easier was that there are actually two companies that are called Sakuma Seika and they both produce candy. It seems that they are companies from rivals within the same family, so I found out thanks to the information that Maki provided.

Sakuma Ichigo Milk Candy, is a hard Japanese candy that is more commonly known as Sakuma Drops. The original Sakuma drops come in a reclosable can and have a layer of sugar on them. The Ichigo Milk Candy are another type of hard candy that Sakuma Seika makes. They come in a plastic package and are individually wrapped. The wrapping has strawberries on them since Ichigo means strawberry. (I actually knew this since I pick up some words of Japanese when watching anime). My package contained 115gr of candy.

The candies are sweet and a little sticky with a mild strawberry taste which was quite nice. After a bit the strawberry flavor disappears and I suppose you should come to the milky core of the candy. However the core is rather tasteless in my opinion. The only thing I could taste was a hint of lemon. A side effect from this candy is that it made me thirsty as soon as I had it in my mouth. The BF said it instantly fell apart in his mouth, which he didn’t expect from this type of candy. I have to be honest that I wouldn't have bought this type of candy myself since I am not that fond of hard candies in general. There are exceptions though but sadly this isn't one of them. They don't taste really bad but they just aren't that special.

Since I got these as a gift, I do not know where they were bought, but the price sticker says they did cost €3.89.


  1. Well, it's a nice experiment to try out, but they sound like the sort of thing you try only once! And it's too expensive anyway.

    I love finding out about these foreign foods, though, so keep them coming.

  2. Yeah, I think they are expensive as well. Luckily for you I have 4 more reviews coming up in the next weeks or so :) (and for me too because I get to do more tasting!)