Monday, January 31, 2011

#65 - Lasagne bento

I have no idea what it is with all these pasta bento lately. It seems that we are in a pasta mood. Since I had a promotional weekend, I didn't have time to cook at all, so today's lasagne is a bought one from the supermarket that I bought Saturday because I already had participated this and the BF needed a big bento today. But he actually loves this lasagne, so it is no punishment for him. I do not want to make a habit out of it though since I prefer to make things fresh. Sadly my energy level combined with hectic weekends, do not always allow this.

In the bento is lasagne verde from the lidl (a local supermarket here), stir fried red paprika with spring onions, tangelo wedges and ham blossoms.


  1. Lasagna bento? Yum! I am assuming there is a microwave available at his work? Envy :) *nomming cold pasta salad right now*

  2. Yes, there is a microwave :) My bento I always have to eat at room temperature at school. But the BF is lucky that he can heat things up. This makes it easier to make a bento for him that can serve as diner rather then lunch :)

  3. I'll be melted eating this!! I love lasagna, more than chili.. :)