Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#66 - Poffertjes Bento

The BF only needed a snack bento today and what is better for a snack then little pancakes? Especially today since it is Imbolc and pancakes is a food that is traditionally eaten on this sabbat. In the Netherlands, we have these special pancakes that are called poffertjes. They are commonly offered as street food on fairs for instance. They come with powdered sugar & butter, but you can also get them with syrup or chocolate sauce.

In this quick snack bento are poffertjes, with powdered sugar & apple syrup in the cups. In the other tier are some slices of smoked sausage, another thing that is often eaten during the winter in the Netherlands. Mostly with stamps, but also as a hearty snack. And last, a clementine and cucumber slices. A cute panda pick is included just for fun. It turned out that this bento does have a bit of a Dutch theme going on :)


  1. Poffertjes :D Briljant idee! Met rookworst? Hahaha, interessante combinatie. Het heeft vast gesmaakt :)

  2. Haha, hij eet het vaak toch in 2x ;) En ik vind poffertjes echt fijn in een bento :) Gaat heel goed en je hoeft ze niet meer te snijden en op te rollen zoals met pannenkoeken, haha.