Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bento #27 - Spring flowers bento

I am very pleased with today's bento ^_^ I was actually looking for a nice bunny pattern but came across these spring flowers instead, so I decided to use those :)

The bento contains a creamy risotto with mushrooms, peas and zucchini. On top of that I arranged the flowers which are made from beans, cheese and a baby corn center. A close up below :)

I cut the flower shapes out of paper and lay that on top of the cheese, cutting it out with a toothpick. Since I am a really slow worker this bento took me about 45 minutes to make.

In the other tier we have the rest of the baby corn & cucumber hidden underneath sakura apples and some Polish dumplings that hold potato and cottage cheese.


  1. Really cute flowers! They look like narcissuses?
    Great idea to use baby corns for the flower's center.
    The Polish dumplings sound so good!

  2. Looks very pretty AND tasty! well done :D

  3. They are narcissuses, yes :) But I didnt know the English word for it ^^;

  4. Beautiful flowers! Now let the sun shne!!

  5. Yummy looking lunch - your flowers look really nice!

  6. Cynni! Wat prachtig! En die narcissen! WOW!